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Jessica Blenke from Munich: quite a spoiled girl

In this article I would like to share my experiences with Jessicale Blenke from Munich. As a business owner myself I would strongly discourage working with her and as a Couchsurfing host I would strongly discourage taking her in. Some points to be mindful off:

  • Jessica Blenke is very spoiled. She can live for free in a 180 square meter house for nights and still complain about little details.
    Jessica Blenke does not handle negative feedback well. Instead of starting a conversation she blocks you. This is not a desirable treat in any professional environment.
  • Jessible Blenke acts self centered and does not seem to care about the feelings of the people around her.

Are you curious of her behaviour in practice? In this article I will outline my experiences with Jessica Blenke in more detail. Let this be a warning for those that encounter her.

Jessica Blenke on Facebook

Jessica Blenke, also found on Facebook ( and LinkedIN ( is in my opinion a quite unreliable and spoiled person. She is active on Couchsurfing and tries to ‘use people’ for a free place to stay. In this personal blog I will share my experiences with Jessica Blenke from Munich so you can immediately recognize the difference between a good and a bad Couchsurfer

The difference between a good and a bad Couchsurfer is often their approach. A bad Couchsurfer is a person who uses people for a free bed. They might stay in a place, avoid contact with the hosts and just ‘use’ you however they can. A good Couchsurfer is a surfer that is on the website to interact with other people and realizes it is quite awesome that another person opens their home to you for free. Having been on both sides of the process, I know from experience how you can be a good guest.

Personally I never give people a bad reference. I have not even done this in the past when someone was being a mediocre guest. For Jessica Blenke I however gladly make an exception given her terrible and self-centred behaviour. This was the reference she left on my profile after we hosted her for three nights:

So apparently Jessica Blenke does not rate people for who they are. When she gets a free stay, she rates the house as an Airbnb or hotel. My own little Hilton did not have a perfect shower temperature. And oh no, there were 4 socks on the floor in a 100 square meter room and lastly, we watched a movie in our own living room until 22:30 before going upstairs.

Jessica Blenk as an example of a bad guests

Let ‘s see what some good guidelines are for being a good surfer.

A first important rule is to keep the feelings of your host into account. Jessica Blenke never asked what would work for us. She treats the place she stays in as her own. She picked a time to arrive. When we offered to cook for her she refused, claiming she would rather first explore the city a bit on her own. She never offered to eat with us or to do any activities.

It is also wise to look how you can contribute to your host. Remember that hosts on Couchsurfing offer you a free place to stay. It can be nice to bring a little gift, offer to share a meal or just contribute my exchanging stories together. Jessica Blenke is unfortunately the type of person who does not put in any effort.

Spoiled guests

So let’s go into the negative feedback. After staying for 3 nights, feedback is like a thank you note. Jessica’s alternative is an Airbnb review without actually paying for an Airbnb. She claims me and my girlfriend used the living room to watch television. Apparently she is the type of inflexible person who thinks that if she visits a place everybody should do what she does instead of the other way around.

The funny thing is, we actually had an appointment to hang out together and go for drinks. Instead she arrived back home late and said she was tired. Me and my girlfriend especially kept our entire night free for her and instead decided to watch a movie since she did not show up. Jessica Blenke believes that when you are home, it is a crime to watch the last 30 minutes of a movie instead of leaving her alone in ‘her room’. After all she paid a fortune for that room, right? Oh wait.. she was a Couchsurfing guest.

Another important rule therefore is not to be spoiled of self-centered. Whether Jessica Blenke fits this rule, you can make out for yourself.

Appreciate the effort hosts put into you

It is also always appreciated to show appreciation towards your host. A thank you is always appreciated, but a note that there are too many socks on the floor and that the shower is to warm is not. Being angry and making the girlfriend of the host feel uncomfortable by ignoring her and posting a last negative remark is also not a very wise thing to do.

In the case of Jessica Blenke she actually got a lot of value. Let’s see what she got and what she gave in return:

  • We offered Jessica Blenke 3 free nights in an apartment in the city center of Amsterdam which I normally rent out through Airbnb for 400-500 euros.
  • We offered her a free meal which she rejected because she prefers making her own food.
  • We offered her a bed sheet and a free place to stay for her dog as well. We made sure the dog was comfortable and offered her a place for the stuff of the dog as well.
  • We offered her a place to leave her stuff. She put all of her clothes all over the living room, while complaining there where a few socks of me somewhere in a corner.
  • My girlfriend changed her schedule just to be able to join me and her + her dog to the forest. I always find it important to make a surfer feel at home. Therefore, I drove them all the way to the forest. We spend petrol money and hours of our time. What I ask return? At most a bit of appreciation? What did she do instead? Leave the car at some point because she claimed it was to warm inside.
  • We offered her to drive with us for free to Delft where my brother had his graduation dinner. My mother even brought an extra glass so she could also join us for a glass of champagne. Of course she refused.

So what did Jessica Blenke get? A place to stay in the most expensive area of Amsterdam, free food, a place for her dog, a driver and two people who are constantly mindful of her comfort. What did she do in return? Nothing, except for writing a simple and negative reference online.

Handle feedback well
After posting the negative feedback towards us, I texted her in private to see if she saw her selfish behaviour for what it was. Het response? Block me on Whatsapp. I posted a negative reference after on couchsurfing. The response of Jessica Blenke? She deleted her profile so that other people cannot read it. She probably opens a new profile, but I hope with this post to warn other people for hosting a person like her.

Jessica Blenke makes you feel used. After hosting people for 8 years I never had such a negative experience. Overall Jesicca Blenke in my opinion seems like a very self-centred, spoiled and non-apologetic person. I would advise avoiding her when possible.

Liftwedstrijd 2015

Met zo’n 15 lifts, een totale tijd van 16 uur en de 6e eindplaats waren we zeker niet het snelste liftteam… Toch was het een mooie trip waarin we achterin een busje hebben gezeten, tevergeefs een lift probeerde te verkrijgen bij een lijkwagen en we meerdere uren bij een Bulgaar in zijn truck zaten.Liftwedstrijd


Toezien op de verkiezingen in Litouwen; fraude wordt bijna leuk

Samen met een groep van enthousiaste SIB mensen hebben we de toegezien op de verkiezingen in Litouwen. Op de eerste dag ging ik op pad met mijn waarde, zeer serieuze college Eva; vastberaden stapten we in de auto van een serieuze Litouwenaar om vol goede moed het prachtige democratische systeem van Litouwen te bestuderen.

Dat viel tegen! Toen we aankwam racete de mensen die de verkiezingen afnamen er snel vandoor; het was duidelijk dat ze weinig zin hadden in toezichthouders. We zette de achtervolging al snel in en wat volgde was een wilde tocht over kleine modderweggetjes langs pittoreske dorpjes.

Op een gegeven moment belde ze ons met de belofte dat ze nu wel op ons zouden wachten. Zou het? Ze stuurde ons een speciaal weggetje in met ontzettend veel modder; het duurde niet lang voordat we helemaal met onze wielen vastzaten in de modder. Het duurde ruim een uur voordat een tractor ons kwam redden; ondertussen waren de stemmen bij mensen thuis natuurlijk al afgenomen; zonder ons professioneel toeziend oog. Dit zaakje stinkt, en dan heb ik het niet alleen over de smerige modderlucht die niet zo makkelijk uit je schoenen gaat….

Ook de tweede dag werd mijn vertrouwen in de democratie van Litouwen weer wat geschaad; iemand van een politieke partij deed zich telefonisch voor als mij en het Litouwse meisje waarmee ik moest controleren.. we zouden later zijn aldus deze anonieme persoon. Hierdoor hebben we een deel van het stemmenafneem proces niet kunnen meekrijgen wat fraude opnieuw mogelijk maakt.

Alhoewel ze in Litouwen hun best doen om het democratische proces op gang te brengen, zijn er zeker de nodige problemen. Zo worden bejaarden omgekocht met een hamburger en met een grote bus naar de stemlokalen gebracht; stem op onze partij en je mag ervan genieten! Leuk uitje… Ook is bedreiging iets wat er voorkomt; stem op onze partij of we zullen ervoor zorgen dat die uitkering stopt, je kan nog best werken zonder armen en benen.

Al met al was het een memorabele week waarin ik heb kunnen zien hoe democratie in een minder ontwikkeld land er aan toe kan gaan. Er zullen nog veel stappen moeten worden gedaan om het proces helemaal perfect te laten verlopen; maar het begin is er, en het was mooi om te zien hoe een vrijwilligersorganisatie als de Black Gloves eraan bijdraagt dat dit proces eerlijker verloopt.

En oh ja, mijn dochtertje Fiolet heb ik eindelijk kunnen uithuwelijken aan Stijn; het was zeker een emotionele dienst!Litouwen reis 1

Bij het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken in Litouwen

Verkozen als eerste blanke Obama

De simulatie van de CPO was een succes! Na lang onderhandelen is het gelukt om de wereld intact te houden. Na dreigingen van een sinister figuur van de IS bevond de wereld zich op de rand van een atoomoorlog; maar tijdens deze speciale vergadering van het Witte Huis is het gelukt om bloedvergieten te voorkomen; Rusland en Amerika zijn weer vriendjes.